Get Up Stand Up Parody

I lift my leg up, spray up,
Mark it once or twice,
I’m fed up, heads up,
Hey kid, I’m yellowing up your bike.

Verse 1
Meat I want, don’t tell me, “mutt the cupboard and pantry are dry”,
The refrigerator has everything, don’t you think we share a similar diet,
You made my doggie-biscuits grow mold,
You promised to take care of me on the day I was sold,
Now this noise within my tripe is telling me me spiteful, do as I like.

Verse 2
Tired of your rough playing, then you’re kidding kidding,
I’m always there, but now I’m starving, there’s no win-win, win-win,
I bring my dish to you, but you’re just chilling, chilling,
When I leave, you put up my pictures that I’m missing missing,
Boy the food is there for you and I,
Don’t give me puppy chow ’cause I don’t specialize,
Now this noise within my tripe is telling me to do just as I like.

Natural Mystic Parody

Verse 1
There’s a bad dog’s instinct, so you should beware,
And if i sense that you’re up to no good, I’ll make it clear,
If i don’t know you in my yard, I’m upset,
Why are you dressed in full black?
I sure can bark, but I ain’t no bluffer,
You’re one of those burglars of the night, won’t cross these eyes,
I stay silent in the dark to see if you’ll pull that window,
But its sealed damn tight,
I shall make his only escape be the police route now,

Oh yes, climb it, climb it gangster,
But I know you won’t fulfill your task,
When I’m done with your legs its paralysis,
Hope you can climb that roof now man, I’ve got these fangs,

Verse 2
Guaranteed when you’re coming down you won’t be touching this ground,
My mouth’s open wide,
yes I feel my grandpa wolf coming out in me now.

Puppy Show

We’re in this Puppy Show,
Pretending, but hungry now,
We’re in this Puppy Show,
Wanna scratch those flees now,

Verse 1
They say bow wow, who shampooed you,
I got some ticks, I got no tricks, my breath makes your nostril drip,
We don’t eat pedigree chow so we can’t control our doo doo,
Wash-over gold on my collar, and some got leatherette, and I see copper and aluminum leash ’round their necks,
I know how to bite in the meat, I can’t follow orders like other dog does, but I can riot,
I just want this end to get back my bone,
If this contest lasts an hour more I don’t know if I’ll survive.

Verse 2
I looked at Butch, frustration was the most obvious clue
that flees had lunchtime in his skin, but he’d be disqualified if he chewed,
Spot had flies following his mouth, so he blew and blew and blew,
When the judges turned and looked at him, he inhaled, make his stomach full,
Poodle was dying with an itch on the left, every minute twitching, no rest,
A Chihuahua comparing with a ‘shit’ over west, who’s taller was in the bets,
When we thought things couldn’t get crazier, a doberman saw the kids who mocked him,
A Labrador smells a fat kid’s hot wings,
A pitbull’s rabies escaped ‘caz he wouldn’t keep his mouth locked any longer,
5 hours now, so he was dying from hunger,
There was a Great Dane who was feeling tummy aches, then Scooby Doo Doo Pooh, in the Dog Show,
Many dogs left, and the audience got vexed,
What happened next shows dogs don’t care about a prize,
The mailman arrived, every dog left.

Rastaman Vibration Parody

When I bark, you bark, it’s too quiet out there,
Pedigrees loud-talking,
If you only understand what I’m trying to say,
Messages and dogs calling.

Verse 1
I don’t have no cellular,
But the way I communicate is wireless,
I don’t keep radiation beside my jaw, and I don’t pay bills, plus I won’t buy a next, yehee
This phone I have don’t use batteries,
Don’t need a prepaid-card, no, to add minutes,
And i get instant messages as well,
You need a smartphone, but I’m a smart dog, go to hell….

Verse 2
Go on a plan that’s unlimited with one of these prominent phone companies,
See if you cannot pay that big activation fee, that post-paid phone is dropped to nothingness,
Prank calls, private numbers, yeah, really nice,
Not to mention the faulty apps that you have on your device,
You don’t know how close the person is who you’re talking to,
But if a dog is stalking me, he better be dumb as you, ’cause……

Redemption Dog

Well, tonight let’s end it big, just bark, don’t be dumb,
Caz dogs forever have big teeth, not gum,
Let’s bite and run, let’s bite and run

Verse 1
Bones I get, yes they rob I,
Then say “Good boy”, I’m so kind I’m tricked,
For your frisbees I jump high,
Their dog-leash makes my neck crick,
Pat my head, but its the same song,
Their kids only need me as a sidekick,
In the cold outside I sleep when the day is done,
I got a thick furcoat, but I’m sick,

Verse 2
Tomorrow same old dog biscuits and gravy,
Bones are not the things to free our kind,
Butch, Bruno, Spot, you’re used as security,
What about the jobs in jackets and ties,
I get lost if I want, I have a dog’s nose, but still you put my pictures all around the neighborhood,
Then you make that lame whistle for me to come home, but my dinner is never prepared by cooks

Stir It Up Parody

There’s so much fleas, enough to keep you dancing,
Flea enough to drive you crazy,
There’s so much fleas, enough to make you wanna party,
Fleas enough, doggie bathe now.

Verse 1
A special soap this time,
Don’t want that damn shampoo in my eyes, ooh oooh ooooooh,
Although the sprinklers make me happy, and take my mind off how wet and nasty I feel,
Only ten fleas were biting,
But when my master start soaping my skin,….

Verse 2
Say it’s antibacterial,
But it feels like it multiplied my fleas, ooh ooh ooooooooh,
Neighbors peeping through the fence,
Rover cries like he’s whooped by his parents,
Something that should be relaxing hurts me more than when my master pays his taxes….

War Parody

Until you stop harassing me,
And show me that the female dog I was sleeping with was my mother,
I’ll see you as…. someone that just wants…. me to really do nothing else…..than depend on you for help…..and follow orders,
Until then, everywhere we bark,
Bark, bark,
Until I see that it is not planned for us to all become vegetarians and have shorter canines,
Bark, bark,
Until the quality of a dog’s fur is of no such significance so puppy shows criticize,
Bark, bark,
Until you stop selling high pedigree only and discriminating the low ones so that they become old and grey in the pound,
Bark, bark,
Until you start recognizing where we stand and let the cat know its place ’cause with humans, we dogs have more regard,
Bark, bark,
Whether local or international, we’re one of the most caring animals,
until the fairest treatment happens, everywhere we bark,
bark in the east,…..bark in the west,…..bark up north……..bark down south….
Bark bark…..bark, bark …..bark, bark,…..bark bark……

We Waggin’

Ohh yeah, we waggin’,
Tell me if that’s an issue,
We waggin’, waggin’,
If you don’t like it then I’m biting you.

Verse 1
Ain’t now woof, but you wow,
See these fangs that’s in my mouth, I ain’t got no fleas to chew,
Puppy chow won’t pay the price when you jump my fence tonight,
I’m biting til the job is thru,

Eh, We waggin’,
You see me wag, but call me mutt when I pass,
We waggin’, and gangin’, and attack whether or not my master asks,

Verse 2
I don’t really like cats, damn they scorn me if I scratch,
When burglars come, they run and hide,
Meowing near the table-side, damn it cuts my appetite,
Tonight it’s me and you outside,

And I’ll be waggin’, waggin’, waggin, waggin, and show you these canines,
Yes I’ll be waggin’, waggin’, waggin’, waggin’, hear d you got nine(9) lives, lets play yaw,

Where is dinner and the time’s gone,
I’ve been barking til the time is dawn,
You give me a bone to bite on, that really has no meat on yeh yeh,

Who The Cap Fit Parody

Who the cat’s with, you should fear it.

Verse 1
The kitten’s plan to let me bite the dust,
A hint when, the cat is in their lap, its me they discuss,
One day I’ll say “here kitty”, then you won’t see him again,
I made the first move on his drink, but he ignored the milk,
Many occasions show me that we can’t be cool,
The cat makes me get blamed whenever he drops his stool,
Usually some incidents happen and I would get away,
But since recently I’m in trouble every time because the cat and them are friends,

You take me for a walk,
Then I broke free in a natural park,
And I feel like I would doo-doo,
But thye picnics party says shoo-shoo, yeh,
Its been a long day walking, and my bladder is heavy now,
I saw a kids’ alphabet playground and something’s missing,
So I decided to put pee there,
And shoot, what’s next, a kid looks hurt,
Was it tears coming down his face or was it my bladder squeezed and didn’t miss, eww eww,
Kids surrounded me, want to fight,
Some tried karate, but my teeth made their shoes filled with tiger stripes,
Angry people talking gibberish about my accidents,
The park’s security guard was holding a cat and he didn’t come to rescue me.

Africa Unite

I bite ya, alright,
Now what you gonna do about that staring?
I bite ya, alright, alright,
And I will bite you again, think I’m playing,…

Verse 1
I don’t care if you’re a dog-lover, to me you’re a stranger, man,
You’re saying what a cute dog I am, but reaching out can make you lose your hand, yeah,
I’m sure the sign on the gate says “Beware of bad dog”, thought you could read, yeah,
And what makes it worse is, you’ve seen dangerous gadgets that look like my teeth, yeah….

Verse 2
What are you doing my yard?
You make this doggie wanna say,”What tha Fu….”,
I don’t know you, you’re in trouble, unless my master says, “dog SHUT UP!!!”,
If you happen to come into my yard, ensure you find the roof like the cable guy, sir,
And if you are not McGuiver, when I corner you, make sure you have a tranquilizer…..

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