Tarzan And Doggie

Me Tarzan,…..me bite you,(repeat)

Verse 1
I live in a home that’s near the forest,
Many times I see the jungle men coming from harvest,
So people at my house get bananas and what’s next?
Everyday the house is invaded by strong pests,
One day when I’m locked in chains, and a wild ape,
Came in my yard and punched me, I couldn’t migrate,
Now I’m free, and this guy came in sounding like a primate,
I want revenge for what his monkey brother did to my face…
Verse 2
Beat ur chest all you want, but I’m not backing from humans,
U smell like gorillas who havent bathe for too long,
Ur arm-pit has a scent that kicks like Liu Kang,
And u swing from tree to tree, I am ashamed of you man,
I don’t even care if u wimps gang me,
Who does your girl look like, a chimpanzee?
Hurry and leave my yard caz u stink man, plz
Ur still going to leave with some of these damn teeth!

Tom And Jerry And Doggie

I first sent the damn cat packing, don’t forget your yarn and your heap of fish bones,
Then I sent the rat to get packing,
Now you 2, get out and stay out!!!!
Verse 1
The same stupid thing happening all over,
And they happen to always call me Butch or Rover,
The rat comes out of the hole looking for cheese,
Then the cat annoys me again, hey spare me please,
The rat does things on purpose to get the cat’s attention,
And the cat chases like he’s trying to hide affection,
All they do is destroy things in the damn yard,
I’m tired of it now, going to send them space-ward!
Verse 2
One puts the other in his mouth, but can’t chew,
The other always does things that other rats won’t do,
I’d love if the population got cut down in here,
But these animals are trying to start an unmatched affair,
The refrigerator is always a target,
Their stomachs ain’t even bigger than doggie’s,
I ain’t behave the way they do about food,
Its time to put out two……

Yosemiti Sam And Doggie

Oooh rotten toot’n shoot’n rabbit(Yosemiti Sam in furious tone),
What’s up doc?(Bug Bunny nonchalant voice),
Where’s my meat that I left in my van(Yosemiti Sam in fury)
Nyae, beats me doc!(Bugs Bunny)

Verse 1
This midget cowboy orders 5 slices of steak and some bacon from a bar,
He comes out, puts them in the car and returns to get beer filled up in his jar,
He has two big guns on his hips and he’s so irritable, no doubt he would shot me,
But I’m hungry and his car window’s down, so this is the easiest robbery,
He said……
Verse 2
He blamed Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and others called,
He blamed Porky Pig who said, “I’m not a cannibal”,
There was some fur remaining on his car-seat,
So he set out for cats and dogs in a war feat,
He teamed up with Elmer to search for the culprit,
But they said if they don’t ever resolve it,
Porky, tweedy bird and foghorn leghorn
Will see theirselves in the microwave getting warmed……

Doggie And The Terminator

Doggie Sniffing On The Big Toe

Doggie And Humpty Dumpty

Doggie And Cinderella

Stereotype Doggie

Doggie Got In A Tornado

Fat Dog And Skinny Dog

There was a fat dog and a skinny dog on the window, ra ra ra ra ra ra,
Arguing you, ra ra ra ra ra ra……(repeat)

Slim dog would get up as early as the rooster speaks,
And rush to the attic and look out across the street,
Fat dog would strain trying to do the same,
Making the squeaky stairs break each time with runs upstairs
They push the window open and start a commotion,
They didn’t like each other just because of piece of smoked ham,
Which they didn’t get before the lawn mower,
Since then they argue ’bout who’s damn slower,
Fat dog said, “You need a food potion!”,
Slim dog said, “You’re so fat, everything’s in slow motion!”,
Fat dog now filled with anger
Climbed on the window sill and lost it’s balance, sir.

Fat dog fell 20 feet down to the ground,
The ticks said, “Let’s go, that’s a broken home now!”,
Fat dog now got all legs and back sick,
Slim dog followed and sound like a box of match-sticks,
Fat dog says, “Yeah, that serves you right!”,
Slim dog says, “I’m coming over, this is a fight!”,
He says, “I’ve been wanting to do this all my life!”,
He crawls on top of fatdog and says, “Girl, would you be my wife?…….

Super Dog

I’m super dog, coming to the rescue,
I’m super dog, now I may need a parachute,
I got my mask and cape,…. check,
My canines and my tail,……check,
I stand on 2 feet, look in the mirror,
Where’s my brief, where’s my brief,

Verse 1
I’m not only bites, tail-wagging, and barks,
Keep me in your minds and lock me in your hearts,
In your comics, when you get to Superman’s part,
Just draw my dog ears and woof when he talks,
When you’re reading, this should be exactly how it starts,
Super villains eat my ticks and let out flea farts,
Call me for help when fire’s at the meat mart,
I’m still a superhero if I show up in beach shorts.

Verse 2
On all 4’s I stand for justice,
But enemies tell me fetch, I love sticks,
I return it and they pat me, when I should act fast,
They say, “Good doggie! You’re a Jackass!”
Sometimes on 2 feet I go to cries for help,
When they see what’s pointing at them they scream for help,
I’m not disguised as a reporter guy,
My underwear is gone, so I can’t hide.

Doggie In The Wizard Of Oz

Doggie left something that sticks to the yellow brick road,
When the witch and flying monkeys pursued,
The ruby slippers got stuck in the poo

Verse 1
The tin man did a good job at removing flying monkeys wings,
The lion started to eat some of the witch’s evil men who were following,
Dorothy called on the Wizard of Oz before her ruby slippers were clapped,
everyone wants to clean the stinky, but the scare-crow protected the crap!

Verse 2
They cast a spell on the gang and it start a rust that made the tin fall,
The villains, one by one plot for the heroes in the crystal ball,
Dorothy sees her frock without stains, ’cause Toto wasn’t pottie-trained,
The witch was amazed at how it plants on the floor,
It was the stinkiest manure

Doggie Misunderstanding

Too much expectations from a dog….

Figure it out, figure it out, figure it doggie,
I said bow wow wow (repeat 3 times, then….I said WHAT!!!)

My master’s a diplomat for royalty,
One day I sneaked into Buckingham palace,
They mentioned someone who was heir to be king,
And right now everyone should bow to the queen,
I said, “WHAT!!!!’……

A burglar broke in when everyone’s asleep,
He had a revolver and a submachine,
I didn’t even hear the man when he came in,
Now my master is telling me to do something,
I said, “WHAT!!!!!”……

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