Doggie Gives The Royal Family Nicknames

Escaped Gringo And Doggie

Donald Duck And Doggie

Luckily you ain’t flying south for the winter like your parents always do,
Ma slingshot would set fire to your wings……
Verse 1
He decided not go south for the winter because Australian Aborigines are good with slingshots,
He stayed and went to college, joined the soccer team and got a position as a wing-back,
He became friends with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, but doggie kept showing him the duck in the recipe book,
Later he became a sailor, but doggie showed him his new dressing in the oven and cooked….
Verse 2
This quack pack member has a really long beak, saliva splashing everywhere, its barely audible when he speaks,
He is a geek who doesn’t wear pants, he’s a weirdo who wears feathered briefs,
His uncle Scrooge has a rich taste for wealth, but doggie keeps wondering how that duck taste,
The day when I’m taking them in my kitchen, I’m gonna specially shut their damn beak with Duct tape……

Goofy And Doggie

Hey Goofy, eh-hiyek yeh,
Don’t you think some say that you’re one stupid dog,
Yeah, matter of fact its was ehhhhhh, eh-hiyeh, don’t remember there,
Goofy, eh-hiyek yeh,
I’m wonder if you got a girl at all,
Yeah, so?
These are real hard questions, ah-hiyeh….
Verse 1
This foolish dog with a huge bump on his headtop and two big teeth that aren’t canines,
He’s a stupid mutt without a job, a jack of all trades who didn’t pass a dog’s grade 9,
A disgrace to my kind, he tries to hide his paws by wearing gloves and big ugly boots,
He has a poor posture, the unattractive bastard with no idea of swag in nerdy suits…
Verse 2
Let’s talk dog to dog or whatever u wanna call yourself,
You’re goofing around too much, its time to buckle up your belt,
Doggie has been watching you for a long time now, and what I noticed, I still don’t understand it,
You seem to fix things like the worst mechanic,
I have no doubt your middle name must be ‘dammit’,
I think they only want you around as a side man,
Because your role in things ain’t specified, Mon……

Doggie Talks About Mickey Mouse Origins

Mickey Mouse only escaped from the cat who said he was saving him for dessert ,
He witnessed his mother and father being chewed up then the cat made a big burp!
He ran away and thought about working in lab experiments, but Nutty Professor wasn’t hiring,
He was stealing food in a theatre, but it was caught on camera, then box office later….
Verse 1
The orphan mouse whose mommy and daddy were eaten by the cat in my house,
He ran for his life and was living the sewers of the city, but I ain’t sure of the whereabouts,
So he’s seen a lot of crap in his life,
He was not like a normal rat child,
He stole into a cinema one day trying to get some popcorn,
His movement went in the projector and they saw an actor…..
Verse 2
They hired him and the lifestyle was so luxurious it made him say this is the shizny,
His success was so massive they said that the mouse has an affair with Walt Disney,
Now the cat watches his cartoons and says, “I know I shouldn’t leave that mouse for dessert!”
Doggie says, “If I ever see u at his house cat, I’m going to bite you to pieces at Disney world!”…..

Doggie Watching TV

Oh oh oh oh oh, what’s going on on my TV, yeh yeh,
You’re switching those channels acting all like you don’t see me……(repeat)

Verse 1
Oh why do people look better up there than out here,
Seeing that screen of those channels so clear,
I’m watching an interesting dog show then, “What the hell?”
The TV switches on to a show called “Saved by the bell!”
As a house-dog this makes me see the world,
I see crazy men and really pretty girls,
Animals that look like they’re from outer space,
But dammit, they change discover channel to another place.

Verse 2
I learn that there’s a kid who messes with the remote,
He likes seeing me surprised when he switch the channels out,
Where is the animal planet going?
Why is the TV on these people I ain’t knowing?
The weather forecast shows rain in an hour,
Well its about time something makes me shower,
Some shows make ppl cry and make guys laugh,
I’mma bite someone if next time my channel is signed off!….

Doggie View On Australia

Crocodile Dundee, if u know me doggie wrestles no crocodile,
Wallabees sounds like bees,
And Kangaroos might kickbox me in the wild…..

Verse 1
He said come with me to the land of down under where u’ll get to see crocs,
I don’t like how that thing sounds, Bug Bunny would say what’s really up doc?
Take your camera ’cause you’re going to see kangaroos, wallabees and box jelly-fish,
Colourful frogs, spiders, Tazmanian devils that ain’t in my daily wishes,

Verse 2
If you want me to bother a porcupine, not a chance,
You want me to go to an aardvark, but I’m not stupid ants,
Some satanic snakes and alien insects,
Things in the ground that will change your in-step,
Dog’s barks ain’t as bad as in the bark of those trees,
If I go there I’ll get the mark of the beast,
I don’t think doggie needs an Aussie wildlife,
And you should get away from me if u got 9 lives……

Count Dracula And Doggie

Hey yow Dracula, dracula, dracula, dracula,
I heard that you’re the count, man
I know you’re umm, shocked to see an animal knocking at you’re door, but-a, just wondering if I can borrow your abacus….
Verse 1
He’s got blood in his eyes like I disturbed his tomb,
I wish I had hands to stake his doom,
A long black cape and a collar concealing the back of his head,
All that’s in his heart is dread,
He thinks I got lost in the woods,
But he doesn’t know that I heard he’s real good
And he does math better than other dudes can,
I have stuff to calculate, so he’ll have the solution!
Verse 2
He look at me in way like he would give me a bite,
But doggie ain’t allowing that appetite,
I always hear about vampires giving people hickeys,
But with these ticks near my neck it will be tricky,
If ur angry now then its best I call u later,
I wouldn’t be out here if I could use a calculator,
Check something for me and just tell me the amount,
I wouldn’t be here if I could count….

Donkey Kong And Doggie

Donkey plays while I’m gathering bananas, yeh hey,
Donkey Kong says he doesn’t want me to get harmed, but, I don’t think so,
Woe wo-oh-ow,(punches and doggie howling, then say) doggie get outta the way,
Woe wo-oh-ow,(punches and doggie howling, then say) doggie get outta the way,
Woe wo-oh-ow,(punches and doggie howling, then say) doggie get outta the way,
Woe wo-oh-ow,(punches and doggie howling, then doggie sounds like he’s thrown away into the distance)

Verse 1
I always dream that I’m running from something or biting,
But last night I watched a kid playing donkey Kong and I fell right in,
At first I fell from the sky into this barrel,
Next thing I know, 2 crocodiles coming at me in a quarrel,
In real life I know that its anything they’ll eat,
But now these guys are attacking on two feet,
So much things happening, its gotta be a game, hell no,
To my right was a big screen and a gorilla at the controls……
Verse 2
My biting barely helped in the game, it damaged my canines,
It’s humiliating watching a dog like me eat bananas to stay alive,
I swing from tree to tree and I don’t have hands,
My enemies keep showing me that they got their moves from Japan,
Giant wasps in the air, spikes in the ceiling and no ground,
Why am I being used to fight in a monkey town?
There’s only plants to eat here and so I’m punched around,
Lord get me outta my sleep before I make a monkey sound……

Sonic The HedgeHog And Doggie

He stole my food, stole my cool, that’s just Sonic the Hedgehog,
Yeh doggie will find a way finally to trap those legs,
The last time he tried to get away……(Sonic speeding up, then tripped and crashing sound), sabre-tooth…..
Verse 1
Many a days pass, but no breakfast,
This blue and white freakazoid who’s fast as flash,
Comes thru like the wind and he doesn’t give a warning,
My dig dish spins after he eats every darn thing,
I’ve never really seen the guy before,
Because when he runs by it’s like a hazy picture,
But I know its him, the last time he dropped a speedo,
He must be hungry, one of those skinny people……
Verse 2
Why is it that when my appetite is making me feel like Godzilla,
Should a breach in nature race by and steal my entitlement, what’s the idea?
Something has to be done or else my stomach will be over-run,
Pardon me for the use of puns,
But my gut is about to run out if he continues to run…..

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