Meat Doggie

His jaw works, don’t bother with the messing around or you’ll be damned,
It’s not just ruff ruff, yeah,
He doesn’t wanna eat dog biscuits nor no scooby snacks,
Make sure that it’s meat, or that’s a wrong bong, yeah,………..

From I was a pup, so I’m eating as before,
My breakfast is always served on the floor,
That’s the same place where I see all your toes,
Don’t make me stay hungry, what’s my dinner? Who knows,
You want to lose pounds, let me keep my weight on,
Don’t give me things on a bread, that’s a space jam,
Pack me like a mailbox when I take spam,
So burglars won’t see that I’m a weak gateman…….

What are you doing mixing my food with rice,
That is too light, I will not be a kite,
I’m just on the line, and I’m afraid of heights,
You’re making me black-out like Dark Vader Knights,
Food can be approved when it goes in my belly,
But before it gets there, I have to smell it,
I see that turkey dinner, you want me to help eat?
I’ll eat so much of it you can see me belch meat!……..

Ticks Craze

You gotta chew it, ’cause it sticks,
Just ’cause you blew it, there’s the next ticks,
Ooh, you’re scratching with your best kicks,
But whatever you’re doing doesn’t seem like it’ll be moving,
Now you’re being a little bit cruel and bruising your body,
You gotta get thru it before you get sick,
They are on the family jewels, don’t let them mess with it,
You’re going insane, your fur is falling everywhere,
Ain’t got the blues, I seem excited ’cause they bite,
Now look what my teeth do, sweep through, so deep too,
My skin looks like a road kill’s hide,
Since they inhabited me, I barely get to rest at night,
Get me some shampoo, shampoo, shampoo,
And just let the scrub brush get some exercise,

It’s like they’re playing with chopsticks in a great dish, boggie woogie woogie,
They bite and I tell them to watch it like Netflix, boogie woogie woogie,
Can they disappear by magic, this pet wish, boogie woogie woogie,
‘Cause whatever you’re doing doesn’t seem like it’ll be moving,
Now you’re being a little bit cruel and bruising your body,

Your barely see it, I just felt it,
Barely know when you’ve eaten it, Damn I ate six,
Damn, I’m going insane, my fur is falling everywhere……

Graffiti Doggie

When you look at this dog you can tell that I ain’t no time to waste, oh yeh
The work I do is adding yellow to your wall with this spray can near my legs, oh yeh
And you can see that I’m pretty serious ’bout my job ’cause walls I redecorate, oh yeah,
And if you cannot see the picture that I’m painting then just imagine it, as I urinate yeh…..

‘Cause I’mma paint with a splash of sunshine up in this place,
My graffiti rocks, I know ’cause your face drops while I paint things yellow….
I’mma paint with a splash of sunshine up in this place,
My graffiti rocks, I know ’cause your jaws drop while I’m painting things yellow, oh yeh,
While I’m painting things yellow, oh yeh…….

You know some of my work is priceless, that artwork you should laminate, oh yeh,
If there’s lots of faces on the wall, then listen, I don’t discriminate, oh yeh,
When I spray above your lip, just know Hulk Hogan’s mustache I just create, oh yeh,
And if you say you’re getting pissed off, sir, then that is one thing I can relate to,
Just look how this paints, yeh……..


My dog fur’s cool and rocks,
Everyday doggie walks through the blocks,
Every 3 days I’m shampooed and washed,
So I don’t have fleas, I don’t chew my locks,
I’m well trained, I know how to move and act,
You can’t feed me anything, I choose myu snack,
Chasing people, I’m like a wolf on track,
I bite toes if somebody’s boot attack,
Summer-time you can see me ’round the pool, I’m hot,
With my friends, white, multi-coloured, blue and black,
Doberman, Alsatian, Pitbulls, and Rott,
Everybody get busy when my poos are dropped,
Pull my tail and you get this perfume I got,
Guaranteed you won’t do it again, pew I rot,
You’d be surprised at how much poodles I got,
I’m so fresh, they ask if I’m new or what, yu zimi.

Shitzu, you’re so arrogant, but then why not,
Your fur is so damn attractive, and your bad attitude
Make me wanna take you everywhere I gooooooooooo…..

Verse 2
Remember when you clipped my fur, it made me feel naked,
You were a jerk, ’cause it was winter, I was all shaking,
I got even ’cause you slept somewhere I urinate in,
And your bed-slippers got doo-doo in them when you’re waking,
Think I’m cute when I growl, ok ,say I’m faking,
Put your hand out to pat me, you’ll be mistaken,
‘Cause I may look cool like I am wearing Raybans,
But if you’re not the person with who my day’s spent,
I’m not going to treat you like you are my parent,
I grab your feet to make you ask where my J’s went,
You won’t pass me even with an ok scent,
Can’t trick me, no matter how good your role play went,
I treat you the same if you do or don’t pay rent,
I do big bites, don’t be fooled by my mouth length.

Great Dane

The Great Dane’s why dogs think they should be fraid of those pretenders, yow,
He’s called Scooby Doo,
The Great Dane’s why people think dogs should eat pastry, and depend less upon their nose,
We’re better than the mystery machine, and better than eating all the time.

Why should I run, when I got these knives in my mouth,
I will prove if it’s a ghost with my nostrils, and if it’s one, then it’s lunchtime,
Who said I can’t add a zombie to my diet.

Why is pie, in the animate, mouth-watering to bite,
When it goes in and comes back out the same way,
As a pup, people used to act nice, then they change their masks,
And I know what to expect, so tell me why should I fear it?

Peed On Your Vehicle

I pee’d on your vehicle, I didn’t hear your gas,
I pee’d on your vehicle, I was made not to ask, so I did it,
I pee’d on your vehicle, Some people passed, but oh well,
I pee’d on your vehicle, and I sprayed with a splash, (aawww)

I urinate in the yard,
But you have problems with me watering the garden, and with me painting the wall,
I see how you like washing your car, and since I can’t use the toilet like most of you,
I’m going to…..(Pee on your vehicle…..)

My bladder is filled and everywhere I look is business places,
I’ve looked far and wide, now I see this parking lot,
Nice wheels……(Pee’d on your vehicle……..)

Dog training sucks,
Your commands just make me keep up liquid near ma ball,
You teach me abstinence and making all dogs be on their guard,
But there’s this thing you didn’t teach us not to do, so I will…..(Pee on your vehicle…….)

Babies Are Coming

Here comes cuddles, time to say my prayers,
It’s their behavior, embarrassment and abuse,
Doggie tries to hide, no use,
They always find me and they’re so annoying, woi!

The nipple bottle crew has just stepped out of the stroller,
Putting down their toys, I can tell they’re coming over,
For rodeo rides, oh my gosh, they’re in cowboy hats,
Parents are gone, I’ll be crucified for now,
Try to stay far, but they know just where I am,
They call it hide and seek, and they’re it, swap the plan,
‘Cause the last time they said I’m it, I scrammed, and they thought they couldn’t be found,
Now they’re on duty, and sleep time’s nowhere near and it’s their rules,
They’ll be cooking, and want me to eat play doh and wear weird costumes!!!

Chasing me like they’re police, I’m crook,
With waterguns that wake up my fleas when shoot,
Tying up my face like horsey let’s roll,
And dress me in bikini to chill round the pool, wow woi,
I can’t leave, damn I’m going berzerk,
I can’t wait for their parents return,
There is fire in the house and I’m the one who burns,
They just won’t leave me alone,
No sleeping duty, bedtime’s nowhere near and it’s their rules,
They’ll be cooking and want time to eat play doh and wear weird costumes.

LOL Doggie

Verse 1
My master’s daughter Sue, said she’ll walk me a mile,
This morning she changed the schedule to making me dress up nice,
Before I ate my food she keeps measuring me for clothes size,
It wrecks my pride when she puts boxers on my little little size, she calls it,
And then she puts me in a jacket and tie, ruff yeah,
She took me on the road, then all mutts looking say,

Butch how many bones you get just to make you dress so wrong?
I would’ve cried out, all you’re missing is a big red nose,
Doggie, you’re not fully dressed, what’s next, they’ll put shoes on your paws?
Last time you dined out, you and that girl were eating with knife and fork

Verse 2
She barely fastened my belt, so it is loose with my pants,
Kinda looks like I didn’t reach the lue in time or it’s MC Hammer pants, Can’t touch this!!!
She has me trying this outfit,
She dress me in a frock,
She tried spaghetti strings, but I don’t have shoulders,
She must be blind, ’cause she puts panties on me one time and it wrecks my pride, my pride,
Don’t even look, I feel like I’mma gon’n cry, ruff yeah,
She took me on te road, then all mutts looking say,…..

We Are Called Mutts

Now that we’re called mutt’s, what are we going to do woofing? (repeat)

My mom is cute, my dad is cute, my brother’s cute, my sister’s cute,
They call me little brute brute, yeah, I don’t like that name, but hear this,
No if nor maybe, I know who to play with,
So if you come to my address, then wait, don’t come on over,
It’s going to be some bad doggie display of biting in you,
Maybe I’ll let you off if you drop piece of steak,
“Move yeah”, you say, “shoo yeah”, you say,
But just step a little closer let me show you what I can do,
You say, “move it”, with fear in your eyes,
These canines get longer if I ever hear someone calls me mutt again,

I try to lay-off sometimes,
And allow some kids to say just hi to me,
But that straw broke the camel’s spine,
‘Cause they’re the same kids who threw stones at me, and then run down the street,
Few times my gate has been passed ignored,
An old shoe hit me in my sleep, just because I snored,
Back to the drawing board,
I’m keeping my guards up,
If you’re cornered and I can let you go, I won’t if you call me mutt!!!

Hungry Doggie

I’m in the kitchen searching for food I like,
Wanna try bacon, but the refrigerator’s closed,

I woke up in the night trying to steal a bite,
The kitchen looks empty, but my nose is working right,
I dare not make a sound or else they’ll ban me from inside here for life,
But wait, it has happened more than twice,
Over here I smell dessert, what they call it, cream with ice?
In the same spot I smell turkey, stake, chicken and bacon slice,
Over the next side I smell the tin things that they keep in the cupboard,
The last time one fell on me I suffered,
I said I’m going to eat you though you’re a little cold,
I imagined how that beef would sit within my mouth,
The pork smelling well seasoned, Thanksgiving is when turkey comes out,
I tried the fridge door, what’s this about?

Tears almost rolled down my face, they closed her,
I taste the aroma and now I won’t wait for later,
If I had a gun then I would threaten her,
Open door, or I will make your days warmer,
At the socket, I thought she said, “I’ll obey sir!”,
But the happy ice sticker shows a joke maker,
I got so mad I tried unplugging her, but the chord was not for the refrigerator,
I ran into the door as my best bet for a way in,
I heard everything in the fridge and that lock outside shaking,
I was so frustrated and then that sound in my belly-Ah, not playing my favourite song,
Then I remember my grandpa, on the night he passed away,
Waiting at the fridge door like me,
I ain’t eat since night, I need the saviour,
I’m trying and now I feel just like a failure,
Hey fridge, please can you do a favour?
You got me feeling like an alligator,
“Cause now it only seems like you say later,
I’ve kept your company, but you’re a traitor,
My stomach to my back is thin like paper,
I just want to help you lose some weight, sir,

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