Catatouille Dog Dining Experience

Verse 1
The waiter brought my order, I tasted something’s not right,
Later I had to pull over, and let out all I took in my tripe,
Where’s alka-seltzer, thought I was doomed if I didnt vomit,
Something changed my woof, and now my stomach wasn’t quiet,
I heard a cat was the cook, and he put chocolate in my diet,
Is this mud, is this mud, is this mud, is this mud that I’m eating,
Is this mud, is this mud, is this mud, is this mud that I’m eating,

Verse 2
My meat-ball looks like yarn, I’m almost meowing,
I ordered sushi, but got furball with paw prints,
I-i-i-i-i called the boss to my table,
And showed him “A La Carte”, the cat writes I was next on the menu,
I was paranoid yeh, I rushed to the kitchen just to see him, he was about to kill a rat,
I pointed and shout hey, he frowned and his whiskers lift the chef hat,
He pulled a cleaver, Catatouille says it seems I’m in luck,
Dinner was served yeh, he threw leftovers and I didn’t duck,
That puss was in boots, he almost kicked my ass out the restaurant,
The other dogs became wolves when they saw who was serving them what they want.

Easy Skanking Parody

We can’t seize the gang thing,
Don’t even speak the damn thing,
They wanna give me spanking,
We’re pedigrees with ranking.

Verse 1
Abuse me then no might nor if,
Old dog’s saliva gonna drip,
I’ll make your hands and feet approach my lip,
Both jaws will have a tightened grip,

Don’t you tease,
Don’t you, don’t you, don’t you beat me,
Don’t ill-treat me,
I know some cultures wanna eat me.

Verse 2
Don’t tell me boy to fetch no stick,
Unconditional love will now exit,
Even though stroking me is my favourite,
I’ll say that you’re touching me and giving me ticks….

When you hear us bow-wow, ruff la-la-la,
Spike, Spot, and Bruno, ruff la-la-la,
Late nights in the road, ruff la-la-la,
Dog-fights overload….

Exodus Parody

Pets are us,
Wolves laughed at by people.

Verse 1
We were brought from the woods from a long time ago,
And domesticated for whatever use,
We used to eat meat that we hunted when on the go,
Now we eat what people already chewed,
My grand peeps had a look they could identify, so they could tell exactly which wolf is which,
Now these dogs nowadays are so diversified, i don’t know if my mom is my bitch.

Verse 2
Dogs now have health issues and hospital checks,
Have surgeries and shots at the vets,
House dogs have teeth, but not for their real kinda food, so what the hell you doing with canines little wretch?
Real wolves digest meat without disease in question,
Some dogs eat bones and cut up their intestines,
What’s worse, limited space where we live,
And we have a master and depend on what he gives.

Forever Loving Jah

Ma meal should be filled with bones and meat scraps,
No vegetables,
My meal should be filled with bones and meat scraps,
Dessert should not be bush, please,

Verse 1
They sabotaged me, giving me less meat,
They say that I’m colour-blind, yet in my plate I see lots of greens,
I thought my sight was going, but then I tasted it,
There was a disgusting taste, and a green mustache near my lip,
Yeah, they deceived me…..

Verse 2
Hey where’s my corned beef? My appetite was wet,
But now I’m seeing mashed potatoes with beans and gravy,
Is this April fools’ day?, I’ll be a clown at the dog’s clinic,
Is this a piece of meteorite, or an alien crashed in it, or is it feces?……

One Love Dog

In this dog pound, I’m damn caught,
I’m locked up tight in this cage with friends, scratching fleas all night,(repeat)

Verse 1
We were searching this garbage can, a van pulls up then next,
A man comes out and ‘POUND’ was on his shirt, and he had a net,
He threw it on Bruno, Spike and Spot ran off before they swallowed their garbage,
I tried to run, but no hiding place, we howled all the way to the station,

Verse 2
When Bruno was under the net, I knew something fishy was going on,
They tried this before, but not while we were eating our food,
Why is it unsafe when me and my buddies try to eat a good dinner,
I saw this burger, but before I could taste, I had to prove I was a damn good sprinter.

Pimpers Paradise

I’ve been here all my life,
Can I see elsewhere?
I’ve been here all my life,
Even stray-dogs enjoying out there,

Verse 1
I stare through this gate with a leash ’round my neck,
Sometimes yeh my chain is barely outstretched,
When I go on walks, its just around the block,
I guess all of my dog years will be wasted in one spot.

Verse 2
I see a German Shepherd out on the road, he said he’s from Europe, I can hear the accent in his bark yow, yeh,
Many dogs stick out their tongue at me when they pass in their master’s truck,
After 6 months, my neighbour’s dog returned with a British stamp on his butt,
Stray dogs go anywhere and do anything, but they don’t wear handcuffs,
Dogs are supposed to go places, that’s why there’s a Greyhound bus……

Rastaman Chant

I didn’t know that’s the sound of when Santa Claus comes………
Coming down the chimney, a heavy man stomps,
Toys are not a meat or bone.

Verse 1
Fatman, I’m disappointed in your treats, wiz,
Forget my present and forgot how big my teeth is,
I think you’re just playing Santa under that cheap wig,
I wanna bite you, but the colour of your clothes makes it look like you’re already bleeding,
You look shocked, what? Were you expecting an excited adolescent?,
And I gues you’re gonna say I don’t sound decent, so you got no gifts for me,
Well, Mr. Bank Robber, have a seat and finish your glass of milk ,
No thanks, I don’t eat cookies, but cops will wanna know where you got those goodies…..

Verse 2
I got you cornered so please don’t you try anything,
Those boxes in the sack looks like some of the bank’s dough,
I’ve watched tv with the teenagers,
Where’s my present?, I got a selfish nature,
When I’m done blackmailing you Santa, you’ll wish you had milk and oreo,
You’re trying to be smart, but nothing went right, here’s a list of all your wrongs outlined,
1. You were calling “HO’s” in the house,
2. You forgot my gift, so I doubt you,
3. You’re too fat for that chimney size, and it’s winter so I sleep inside………

Waiting In Vain Parody

Spike is seen as a stray with no leash and no home,
He’s just wanting a place to sleep and eat some junk,

Verse 1
It’s about time, Spike should be getting hisself some new fur,
Dirt pasted with the morning dew,
Dinner somehow he gets from several garbage cans,
His intestines are filled with flies,
He had a leash once, but now this pup is doing a solo thing,
His survival is much like pot-scrapings,
He barks so mean, and he will bite you and run,
Dog fights he’s won, he’s no punk.

Verse 2
He loves when trash is so near that he can scent it clear,
And he is well prepared, and even swallows rubbish with and off-taste, yeh,
He’s so often caught in trouble, a doggie inn the rubble,
When hunger is on the double, he’ll steal your burger and out-run you,
His fur makes him look like a rockstar in rainy times,
He’s on the hunt like he’s planning crimes,
Cars pass and splash him just because he’s homeless,
And his body structure looks like he’s wearing a bone dress,
Arooo-a, Arooo-a, the pound is where he heads next time,
Will someone give this doggie the life that he had one time?
Yeh, this doggie gotta, doggie gotta, doggie gotta, doggie gotta, doggie gotta get his meal,
Yeh, this doggie gotta, doggie gotta, doggie gotta, doggie gotta, doggie gotta get maintained…..

Bad Card PG13

Why do you dump that dog,
Why would you dump that dog……(repeat)

Verse 1
Spike tries so hard just to keep you safe,
Stopping intruders from entering your place,
He listens although he doesn’t understand,
In roughest times he’ll be by your side,
He deserves far more than what you provide,
He’s there when the world leaves you behind,
Misses when you’re gone, when you’re back it’s the happiest alive,
He’s your biggest fan, but tell me when he dies,…..

Verse 2
I see how he guards your gate in the most militant way,
He doesn’t take your life for granted, he relates instinctively,
He’s a loving pup, sigh,
Hear that loving pup cry,
Nothing covered up, boy,
He’s a loving pup, sigh…………
Many see’s your dog and beware, but he’s a loving thing,
If you ever disappear, he spends his life looking,
Don’t say you never gonna hear him utter sensible things,
He barks so you won’t be a victim, hey…………… question I have to ask.

Down Buddy Drug At The Airport PG13

He’s saying down buddy, I have nothing
But when I bite a limb, my mouth becomes all white(repeat)

Verse 1
At the airport we guarding, I smelled a suitcase line with drugs,
They fooled the sensors, but I know that coke scent,
X-ray said he’s clean, but I got high when he passed my nose, I sneezed,
That’s heroine, and maybe cocaine’s in you-oo-ooo.

Verse 2
Daily I see varmints, talibans would have me biting bombs,
A dude they called sir, was scanned by the airport reps,
He thought he was free now, but when he passed my nose I see Christmas trees,
I bite him, and I got a cocaine addiction too-oo-oooo.

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