The WooFDriver is well known dog, and animal, advocate living by the motto “Live Clean, Run Wild.” He teaches and demonstrates techniques to live your life to it’s fullest, with your best friend at your side, exploring the great outdoors In an ever expanding effort to reach more people with his message, you are holding his first effort into book publishing. You can find out more about him on his BIO Website

Fernandez came about in the production of this Wacky WOOF Website as we were having so much FUN writing and reading the stories about Dogs we were producing. We knew there were a lot of stories and fun to be had with this special guy Fernandez!! We want to keep spreading the fun and provide many of laughs and smiles as are Best friends always do so we released Fernandez the book. We know Fernandez will provide many miles of smiles so be sure to grab your copy today:) You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

Here is one of the Fernandez stories that inspired the book as it is performed by Boozin Bozo!!


Everyone’s had that experience where they get a dog to grab a sock and play tug of war. But
nobody has had the experience of a dog like Fernandez.
See, Fernandez is a bull terrier, and he doesn’t view tug of war as a game. To him, tug of war
is a way of life. I realized this one evening when my boss visited for dinner. The front door
opened and this cross between a Brooklyn cop and a deranged rabbit came tearing out of the
kitchen like a horn had just gone off. He attacked my boss’ shoes like a frat house attacks a
The events which followed rank high in the comedy annals of humanity. My boss isn’t a slender
man, and the image of him holding the doorknob with both hands while Fernandez tailored his
pants the way a hedge trimmer might alter a newspaper was frankly a little frightening. There
was shouting and growling and more than a few banging sounds as the front door rattled in its
By the time it was all over, half of Mr. Abernathy’s sock was gone, his forcibly unlaced right
shoe was under the coffee table, and Fernandez was back to strangling his plastic sausage links
chew toy.
Mr. Abernathy politely declined future invitations to dinner.

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