I’ve got a great new business idea for women. It’s called: “ManGoneNow”

We’ll Inject your husband with our ManGoneNow juice and take your man into custody for 24 hours while you frolic to your well-deserved husband-holiday. We’ll even take his mutt along. No worries, it’s nearly safe for dogs too – most of the time. They’ll be safely yet heavily sedated as you attempt to recapture the sanity you lost so long ago with that “I do” mishap.

Just imagine; shopping, sleeping, or even a night on the town are your unfettered choices. Think of all the cleaning and repairs that certainly would be necessary if you left him in charge of the children.

When the party is over, we will deliver your wretched spouse and his best friend to their beds. Your husband will wake to your impish smile. Just call him, “Gladiator, master of love” and he will be ecstatic, barbaric primate he is – and none the wiser!

Wait! Order now and we will take the kids free of charge! The safest narcotics available will be injected into their favorite juice box and they will be off to never-never land in an instant! We’ll whisk all of them away for you.

ManGoneNow can be found in two simple ways.



*Disclaimer: This is all a big fat lie, fiction, completely fabricated. No men, dogs, or children have ever been injected with this product. I am a non-attorney spokesperson and I disapprove this message.

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