Dog is man’s best friend or at least that’s what he wants you to think. It could be he is a lot smarter than you! Here are the top ways to tell if your dog is smarter than you:

#1 Playing catch: Your dog glues the ball to your pants leg with super glue, so you won’t keep losing it and he won’t have to keep fetching it for you!

#2 Mealtimes: You open up your lunchbox to find your mystery meat looks suspiciously like “gravy train??” When you get home, your dog is curled up on the recliner rubbing his oversized belly and with a wicked smile asks, “How was lunch today?”

#3 The cat: You can’t find your dog’s feline nemesis anywhere. The cat’s food bowl has not been touched in days. When you ask your dog, he points to the vacuum cleaner. He nervously laughs and says, “Oh, I was cleaning and accidently sucked up the cat! She clawed and screeched but I kept her in there! My mom always told me to never let the cat out of the bag! LOL!!”

#4 Your girlfriend is behaving strangely: You haven’t seen your girlfriend in days! You are so lonely but finally solve the mystery when you find your cellphone under your dog’s bed. The last text was to your girlfriend and reads, “Thanks for keeping my dog entertained, fed and walked three times daily while I’ve been out of town. Can you please keep it up for the next few months? I’ll be having surgery again and may not survive. Keep the dog happy. He just loves your company. You guys have fun!!”

Don’t feel bad if these apply to you! We’ve all been duped for millennium into thinking man is the superior species. Yes, dog is man’s best friend, so get used to it. He’s very loyal and is never going to leave. He’s WAY too smart!!

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