Today, when I came home from work for my lunch hour and had a bite to eat, I felt my eyes getting heavy and I began to drift off into lala land, dreamsville, sand man land, well…you get the idea!

I was dreaming about triple-scoop, double-dipped, multi-flavored, swirled ice cream cone topped with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, chopped peanuts, pistachios and walnuts! I awoke with a start and wiped the imaginary ice cream drool off my face only to notice I was an hour late to work! Holy tardiness Batman!

Well, I began practicing my “I am an hour late because” excuse and nothing I said sounded quite right…My dog tried his best to help me out Here are a few that he came up with:

1. My dog ate my homework. No wait, scratch that. I am the dog. Okay, moving on…

2. I was having an ice cream fantasy dream and got carried away and overslept. Oh wait…disregard this one too. It’s the truth!! No one would ever believe that!

3. After I got home, it started to rain and then BOOM!!! Thunder…and then earth quakes, the earth shook and my apartment split in half! I fell way down inside the crack in the earth where the apartment used to be. I was lost without hope but alas, my brave dog selflessly saved me and here I am!!

4. In an alien abduction, lasting an hour, I was informed that our company will be the target of the next series of alien abductions. While I was in the space ship, I yelled, “Look, a squirrel!” and the aliens all looked out the window. Then my dog miraculously showed up and saved me from certain destruction.

An hour later, I walked back into my home, dejected, and subdued. I told my dog I panicked and used all his excuses. My boss didn’t believe me and said that I had an odd fixation on my dog.

My dog patted my back sympathetically and said, “Aww, that really sucks, but hey, it could be worse. We could actually be out of ice cream!”

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