Can you believe my DOG has a drinking problem? I finally found a chapter of CAA (Canine Alcoholics Anonymous) for him to attend.

He told me he was working on his “hello” speech and this is what he has come up with so far…

Hello, my name is Mud. Not really, Bahahaha!! I just always wanted to say that…Anyway, my owner thinks I have a drinking problem but I don’t think I really do. Here is how to know if you really have a drinking problem!

1) The liquor store has an aisle named after you.
2) When you offer to show your ID, the clerk collapses in laughter!
3) Beer companies are contacting you to endorse their products.
4) You have an Anheuser Busch rewards card.
5) You have a VIP parking space at the liquor store.
6) When you walk in the door, the clerk already has your ‘usual’ packaged up for you, ready to go!
7) Your liver calls 911.
8) When you walk in the restaurant, the server says, “I’m sorry, we don’t serve alcohol here!”
9) The town drunk puts you down as a reference.
10)The television cast of “Cheers” wants to use your place for their reunion television special.

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