My human is nice but he is well…somewhat helpless without me! He needs to get exercise in the morning but he has a problem. He can’t remember how to get back home! It’s embarrassing for him so I decided to help him out.

I volunteered my services with my keen sense of direction and all. I decided to go with him on his early morning outdoor jaunts and to make sure he didn’t get lost, I made him stay with me. If he holds on to a leash without letting go, he manages to follow me around like a little lost boy without getting run over by traffic or running into inanimate objects…such as large trees!

With my help, he manages to get by and I am happy to say his condition is slowly improving. He can even sometimes go out on his own. However, when I am not along, it takes him hours to find his way back home. So, I keep working with him. I keep taking him along the same route, hoping that eventually the path will become familiar to him and he can someday manage this on his own.

It is slow going. Maybe he will get there eventually one day. I am not giving up on him yet!

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