I went to the playground at my nine-year-old’s school today. Saturdays are popular for this particular spot and they allow small dogs.

So, I grabbed my daughter, put her in her cage, and dressed my dog. I soon realized that I had my order of preparation incorrect and freed my daughter.

At the playground, I was chasing my daughter around, dog was chasing me, and I stumbled over some kid’s bike, punk! Wouldn’t you know it; I landed right on one end of a see saw, a double seated see saw at that.

Well, there were two kids on the other end waiting for someone to join in. These two tikes did not enjoy the surprise catapult launch at all. Straight up toward the heavens they went.

As I was trying to collectively catch the screaming youngsters, I seemed to have plowed over several innocent bystanders; like a bowling ball hitting candle pins – but I’m a duckpin ball.

I safely caught the descending under-aged astronauts but I was heavily penalized for the spiking. I was in the zone man!

A merciless pocketbook beating with hot coffee thrown on me was my thanks? And, my dog ‘lifted a leg’ on me while I was on the ground.

Jeez, this kind of heroism is likened to superman saving Lois, and praise was warranted. People are just plain rude to heroes nowadays!

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