Oftentimes I share my innermost feelings and thoughts with my best friend in the entire world – my dog Shane. Today was no different. I shared my thoughts about my marriage and my wife of 20 years with him. Below is an account of our discussion.
“Shane old boy, I think my wife is a real-life saint right here on earth. Every time I am around her, I see her look toward the heavens and open-handedly throw her arms toward the sky with tears in her eyes versing things like: “Jesus Mary and Joseph”, or “God almighty”, or “good lord”, or “Jesus Christ.”

“I see her at night in bed with her bible clenched in her hands and she mumbles: “Dear God, what have I done to deserve this?”

Sometimes I even hear her say “Good God, Please give me strength!”

She of course must mean give her the strength to resist my incessant masculinity and my irresistible beguiling charms. Yes, I’m sure of it.”
Then I looked over at Shane and his face was pressed against the palm of his hand. I mean paw. Clearly he was moved by the devotion and everlasting love my wife has for me.

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