I was sitting at the kitchen table with my dog at my side and my leg fell asleep – I guess it was bored. It was asleep so long that it started to have dreams.

First; it was trying to run like it was in a marathon but I kept on eating my breakfast.

Later on it was rearing in a circular motion and repeatedly smacking my ribs as if I had fleas. I checked; I don’t have fleas. My dog looked at me oddly.

Then it started running at top speed and I could hear TV danger music in the background.

A short time passed and suddenly it broke out in the Gangnam Style dance! It was dragging me through the house as I was screaming, “HELP! GOD HELP ME!” My dog chased me for absolutely no reason except to witness my every action.

I started smacking my leg to wake it up but I smashed into the dining room coffee table and I held on for dear life! Lucky for me, my family starting whacking me with whatever they could get their hands on because they thought I was having another “episode” and my leg finally woke up.

When I got back to the kitchen I saw my dog finishing off my breakfast. He’s a Nazi like that sometimes.

“Ehhhh, sexy lady, oop, oop oop oop, oppa Gangnam style…”

Choreography: Yours truly, and we got it in one take!

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