My dog and I have a routine. We watch television together before going to bed. We were watching a marathon of Yogi Bear and there was a commercial with Smokey Bear. Smokey gives his infamous statement, “Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!” My dog, by coincidence, also named Smokey sat up and attention, glued to the screen.
“What is it boy?” I laughed and continued. “So, are you going to be Smokey Bear? Well, you are now in charge of preventing forest fires around here! I laughed, petted him, turned off the television and went upstairs to bed. Little did I know what I had started!
The next day was my birthday and some friends had planned a surprise party for me at my home, nestled in the midst of a forest, oddly enough, next to a national park.
I walk in and everyone yells, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!”
As my friends approached me with the lit birthday cake, Smokey grabs a fire extinguisher and puts out the candles atop my birthday cake! He shakes his paw at the crowd and barks out, “Only you can prevent forest fires!”
We all wipe splattered birthday cake off our faces and I try to explain to him that I was only joking the night before about him being in charge of preventing forest fires. I offered him a piece of the birthday cake and he eyed me suspiciously.
We all proceeded outdoors and lit the fire for the weenie roast and lit the fire when we were deluged with a 1,000 lb. pressure fire hose. It was not a pretty site…
Smokey made a citizen’s arrest. I may get out in five to ten with good behavior. On a brighter note, at least there have been no forest fires reported from my residence, so I suppose he’s doing a good job! Sheesh, me and my big mouth!

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