I came in from shoveling snow and took my dog outside for a walk. He said, “OMG! It is cold out there. I have decided that I do not want to be cold this year, so I am going to hibernate.”

I told him that only bears hibernate and he is not a bear. He said to me, “Hey, why should the bears be the ones who get all the perks?”
He then said that he was going to gather together a ready-to-eat food supply when he wakes up from napping for the occasional snack. So far, he has beanie weenies, spaghettios and twizzlers. I asked him if he was also going to take dog food and he called me a dog racist!
He then gathered together his teddy bear, fuzzy socks, warm pajamas and his dog blanket. He set his answering machine on his phone to call back in the spring after he has come out of hibernation.

He then gave me a list of to-do items including where to bury his favorite bones in the yard, where the neighbor’s cat likes to hide and he also told me where he has been hiding the remote control. Well, thanks for that at least!

One last thing, he wants me to tape all his favorite television episodes so he doesn’t miss anything of major importance whilst in hibernation.

So, I guess my dog thinks he’s a bear now. I think I am going to see if I can hibernate with him.
See you guys in the spring!

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