My dog and cat were begging me for walkie talkies for Christmas. I just couldn’t figure this out?? I tried suggesting the usual dog and cat toys such as dog bones and kitty yarn but they “Poo-poo’d” me and gave me a resounding no!!
So, I gave in and bought my dog and cat walkie talkies for Christmas and this is what happened!!
Dog: Do you have eye contact with the donuts (over)
Cat: Affirmative (over)
Dog: What is the physical count (over)
Cat: I have Point A in site: 2 chocolate covered; 3 jelly-filled; 3 sprinkled…OMG! 1 chocolate covered gone; 1 jelly-filled gone; 1 sprinkled gone (over)
Dog: Do you have an ID of the assassin? (over)
Cat: Yes, it’s the big brother, Bart! (over)
Dog: Commence with missile launch (over)
(Brother Bart is hammered from behind with 2 dozen well-sharpened #2 pencils and runs away screaming!)
Cat: Target annihilated (over)
Dog: There’s no time to waste. This will be my last transmission. We’ll meet up at Point A. (over and out)
Cat and Dog together: (They turn the walkie-talkies off, stand-up, shake hands over the living room sofa, and head for the donuts sitting on the kitchen table…Mission impossible music is playing in the background.)

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