Well, my dog, Dino, he is getting on up in doggie years. He is a little less spry than before and now, instead of fetching the ball, he hired his own “ball boy” a young golden retriever named Lassie, to get it for him! Well, that took all the fun out of it, so we don’t play anymore…

Anyway, he is a member of the Senior Canine Society and they asked him to speak on the troubles of aging. He seemed to perk up and I was excited for him! I even rented a tux for the occasion and awaiting his speech with expectation. Here’s how it went as he took the stage…

“Good evening ladies and tramps! It is a known fact that one of the first things that can start to go with memory is age, and next in line is order things getting out of. These little things may seem insignificant at first but can eventually cause problems.
Moodiness and paranoid thoughts can sometimes begin with the aging process in the brain. Stop that mumbling in the audience or I am going to give you something to cry about! I am talking here! Don’t think you are going to come up here and drag me off this stage either. I know karate–“High-Ya!!”

Sometimes, you may even forget what you are talking about. Don’t feel bad about it. Go on to something else and the topic will eventually come back to you. And that my friends is how you prepare your turkey for Thanksgiving dinner!”

I quietly retrieved him from the stage and we made our way home. He thanked me for going with him to his first day of Kindergarten…

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