I walked into my living room and it was a scene of utter chaos! My dog was busily typing on the computer and printing out fliers. The flier contained a picture of my dog, Hero. The slogan said, “You need a “Hero” for president. Vote for me! Wow, my dog has political aspirations. Who knew??

He handed me a stack of fliers and said, “Here, pass these out around the neighborhood.”

I said incredulously, “What is this??”

He glared at me and said, “What does it look like? I am announcing my candidacy for president. We need change. Besides, there has never been a dog president. I figure I got the canine vote in the bag. Minorities are doing well in gaining political office these days. The world as you know it, dear owner, is no more!!”

“Well, I began, “there are a couple of problems with your plan. Number one—dogs are not exactly a minority. I mean, dogs outnumber people five to one. And—number two—and this is a big one, I am afraid…dogs can’t vote. You see where I am going with this?”

He ran over and snatched the fliers out of my hand and huffed, “So, I take it you would not consider being my running mate then??”

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