I overslept again! Feeling groggy, I stumbled into the kitchen to get myself a cup of Joe. I tripped over a vase of 4-leaf clovers and looked up to a startling scene! There…reclining in my lazy boy was my dog, Rex. He was sipping on green beer!

“Top of the morning to you lad! About time you wake up and face the day you big lazy dog, you! LOL!”

“Rex, what is all of this,” I asked, trying to clear up my confusion.

“Who is Rex? I have changed my name to Patrick! I changed my name for St. Patrick’s Day and to celebrate my Irish heritage!”

“But Rex…I mean, Patrick, you are NOT Irish!”

“Oh, but I beg to differ! You know I’ve got Irish Setter in me blood. It’s in me, and it’s got to come out! Quit being so grumpy and have your coffee! You’ll feel better and see things more logically then.”

I shrugged, deciding to let him play out his little “Irish” fantasy and went to pour myself a cup of liquid caffeine. What the?? I’d been sabotaged! Green coffee! Ugh…This was too much!!

“How about some Lucky Charms for breakfast lad? I hear they are magically delicious!”

Oh boy…This was going to be a long day!!

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