My dog is great but he has a few idiosyncrasies. Okay, well maybe more than a few. Let’s just say he has “multiple issues” okay? I just call him “Id” for short.

One really odd thing he does is never let the microwave “ding.” He says that if he lets the microwave go all the way down to zero, tragedy will come to all earthlings.

He also has a strange phobia about the word “cat.” Whenever he hears the word “cat”, his eye’s bulge like this, he grabs his throat and feigns choking, like this; and then he is compelled to bark 10 times, chase his tail, walk backwards for six feet, dig a hole and bury himself in it.

Poor Id…You see, I have 10 cats named simply “cat” so most days, he only manages to get out of the hole he dug for himself long enough to stop his microwave dinner from dinging. It’s a vicious cycle I tell ‘ya!!

Well, Id has his weird ways and most days, I can accept his weirdness in stride. After all, he is as faithful as the day is long!

Yup! He is a true blue friend. Good thing he has a sensible owner to keep him in line.

OMG! Gotta run now! The microwave is down to 3 seconds. One ding and life as we know it could be…gulp…OVER!!

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