My dog threw open the screen door and practically threw a bag of groceries at me!
I asked him what the problem was. He said, “I hate freaking rude people!!”
“Oh, do tell!” I knew this was going to be good…
He continued…
Well, when I left work today, I remembered I had to get the groceries you asked for, so I swung by the grocery store on my way home.
As I stood in line to pay for my items, there was a lady in front of me buying lottery tickets. Not one lottery ticket, mind you, but like one of every kind there. AND…she was scratching them off one by one as she stood there to see if they were a winner! ARGH!!!
Next, she had the clerk explain the rules of every game to her. THEN…she took the ones where she had won another ticket, got the new tickets, and then scratched them all off, yes, one by one!! After she won, she posed for a picture with the checkout lady. Then they hugged. Lots of bonding going on. Sheesh!!
So, I had enough and yelled, “Hey lady, can you move along please, some of us got another life to attend!!”
After that, she stuck her tongue out at me!!
Wow, some people have all the nerve!!!
Anyway, she finally left and was I ever glad! That piggy bank was getting heavy! I emptied it out, paid for my bill of groceries with my pennies and LEFT!!! And I’m never going back there again.
I hate freaking rude people!!!

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