My dog ran through the door and nearly knocked me down! He seemed overly excited! I wondered what was going on, so I asked, “You seem to be in a great mood. What’s got you so cheery?”

“Well, you are not going to believe this but…I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be just a normal, boring, ordinary Saturday. Boy was I wrong!
I received a call from an old friend who was passing through town who wanted to meet me for lunch.

On the way, I had to stop and fill up for gas, so I decided to buy a scratch off. I normally don’t because I never win but decided, “Hey, why not?”

Well, luck was on my side! It was a $100 winner! Woo! Hoo! I went ahead and cashed it up and met my friend and paid for lunch. We had the most amazing lunch at a quaint new little restaurant. Turns out, I was the one millionth customer, so our lunch was free!

Then, on the way to my car when I went to open the door, I looked down and can you believe it? A twenty dollar bill was just lying there! Lady luck was with me today!!

I kept pinching myself to make sure this day was actually real!! I stopped for a peaceful walk by the lake shore and let the waves lap over my bare feet and drank in the wonder that was today.”

Wow, what an amazing day you had! Uh…are you sure ALL that really happened?
He laughed, “Oh, I may have exaggerated just a tad!”

Oh, well, what did actually really happen today?
“Nothing…I overslept, missed work and watched Fantasy Island re-runs all day…Oh, hey, I’m late. Gotta run now!”

Where are you taking off to in such a hurry??
“Liars anonymous!”

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