I have a dog name Elvis, who thinks he is “Elvis.” (The one and ONLY Elvis!)
He likes to do renditions of “You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog” in front of the bathroom mirror, using his hairbrush as a microphone. He fogs up the bathroom mirror with his extreme close-ups!
I stood back and watched him go through his routine one day to see if perhaps I could hire him out as an Elvis impersonator. He made it through “You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog” and caressed his chew toy while breaking into a tear-jerking version of “Love Me Tender.”
I couldn’t help but think my Elvis was like the ‘real Elvis’ and had real star quality and audience appeal! As I watched on, money signs floated over my head as I drooled, cartoon-style, complete with the bubble caption appearing over my head as I thought on.
Elvis heard me sigh as I was smiling with anticipation. He turned and looked at me and must have seen the dollar signs floating caption style above my head.
He promptly ended his performance, trotted by me and in a huff on his way out of the door; he threw his “Elvis” hair in a bounce as he shouted to me over his shoulder, “Elvis…has LEFT the building!!”

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