It is the strangest thing; my dog has been biting me all day long. It’s not like him to behave in this manner. Usually, he is like a little kitten, except he’s not prejudiced of mice. He never bites anyone, but today I am just his ball of yarn, so to speak.

I wonder if it has anything to do with me wrapping my entire body with bacon today? I suppose that is possible. It is a good thing that I used extra thick-cut bacon on my sensitive areas, or this would have been a completely different story!

Later on, I walked up to him and stuck out my fingers and said, “Pick two.”

He chose two fingers, and I went to plunk his eyes like Moe from The Three Stooges. However, he held up one paw and blocked the incoming eye gouge just like Curley used to do.

Note to self: I’ve got to stop watching TV with my dog.

Then, he went after the bacon again, but all that was left was the thick cut bacon. So I ran for my life in fast-motion just like all the Stooges did at the end of every episode.

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