My Dog Refuses to Bathe Without His Rubber Ducky!

My dog has been inconsolable as of late. You see…he has a favorite bathtub buddy of his—it is his rubber ducky and he named it George. My dog’s name is also George, oh—and George is also all of his sons’ names. There are—in fact—five George dogs at my residence! Yes, it is insane… Never yell George at dinner time if you value your life!!

Anyway, back to the story…George my dog refuses to bathe without George his rubber ducky but George, unfortunately, is missing… I tried fooling him with a replacement but he knew the difference. He picked it up, mashed it between his paws and listened carefully to the squeaking sound with his keenly sensitive hearing. His ears were planted closely to its little duck bill. He looked at me and gave me the paws down sign…

He grabbed that rubber ducky up and in his most indignant bark said, “You are not George! What you are sir, is an imposter!!” With that, he howled miserably, tossed him out the window where it landed with a soft squish on top of the pile of all the other fake George rubber ducks. He pointed his nose in the air and trotted off into the distance with a “humph!” directed at me. He left me standing alone in the bathroom with the mirror all fogged up from steaming bath water.

Well, I have had it with this spoiled rotten dog and his rubber ducky obsession! Time for a little obedience training… I decided to play hard ball with him and teach him a lesson! I planned an all-expense paid weekend for him at the dog spa and had a truckload of rubber duckies of all shapes, sizes and assorted squeaks shipped in. There—that’ll teach him once and for all who is REALLY the master around here!!

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