I was so excited yesterday! My dog said he was taking me to a Japanese steak house for my birthday! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I had never been to one but I was ravenously hungry and I opted for the steak and lobster! What ensued after that was total pandemonium! I give you an inside look at how it all went down…

I should have known something was up when we entered and had to sign a waiver before being seated that the establishment was not responsible for any broken bones, burns or contusions? What the…Well, I didn’t want to be a party pooper and I was ready to have a good time, so I laughed it off and signed the waiver and went on in to have a seat.

We were seated around a grill and the chef commenced to throwing and flipping knives around and flames shot up ten foot in the air! He was very skilled and I was quite entertained! Then, he began cutting off little pieces of steak and shrimp and throwing them for us to catch in our mouths but every time I jumped up to take a bite, my dog beat me to it! I did not know I was going to have to fight with him for my dinner!

The next piece the chef threw up in the air and I jumped up only to collide in mid-air with the lady seated across from me who had joined in the competition with my dog and I for the scrumptious food morsels!
It got a little out of hand when the next piece of food flew across the room and we all jumped for it and landed in—of all things—a mud pit!

My temporary confusion was short-lived as I heard a menacing laugh and saw the lady who had been seated across from us, holding up a piece of food to the cheers of the crowd.

Then, it happened! My dog rushed forward and picked her up and gave her a body slam! The crowd went wild. After much toiling, eye gauging, biting and hair pulling; he was victorious and declared the champ.

We have been banned from the restaurant and from eating Japanese food—ever—again—for life!!

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