My dog moonlights as a seeing-eye dog for blind cats. Naturally, he must fight his inborn hatred of cats in order to perform his duties. So far, he has quelled his desire for feline captivity.

In his seeing-eye dog for blind cat’s profession, it was “bring your master to work” day. I obliged his request. At work, Dog, ‘Dog’ is my dog’s name – I am not that creative – was bragging of how well he has me trained.

RE: I feed him at 6:00 PM each and every night, I leave the lid up for convenient hydration opportunities, that I dress him up in a tutu from time-to-time, and that 1/3 of that bed belonged to him.

Amidst his boasting, a mouse appeared in the middle of the room and all the blind cats sensed it. An “all cats alert” was in full effect and mayhem ensued. The sound of blind cats bumping into one another filled the room as the frantic chase continued.

Then, the dogs succumbed to instinct and started chasing the cats that were chasing the mouse. The fact that I was the one that brought the mouse to the celebration did not turn out to be such a great idea. All the dogs, cats, and mice caught on to my prank and cornered me.

Just then, I woke up and said to myself, “That is the last time I put the automatic blood pressure taker around my neck and turn it on at the doctor’s office!”

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