Well, last year I completely forgot about Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t believe it! I was in hot water. This year, I wasn’t about to let that happen. Sleeping on the couch is bad for my back!

Anyway, I went all out! Nothing was too good for my sweetie! I got the most thoughtful card! I wrote inside, “You mean everything to me. Your smile, your voice, your kiss, just your presence….it is what gives me the courage to face each and every day!”

I accompanied the card with flowers, perfume, candy and I left it on the kitchen table. I even left a trail of rose petals going up to the surprise spelling out, “I can’t wait to see you tonight!”

Satisfied that my sweetie could in no way say I ‘forgot” this Valentine’s Day and feeling confidence, I headed off to work…

Filled with anticipation of the evening ahead, I headed home after work. I eagerly opened the door and was greeted by my dog with a big sloppy kiss! What the?? He had tears coming out of his eyes and could hardly control his emotions as he emotionally confessed to me, “I didn’t know you cared!! I’m so sorry, I did get you anything!”

Well, I guess I will make an appointment with the chiropractor. Those nights on the couch are absolute murder on my back!!

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