Can Dogs Emote Love?

It has long been debated whether or not dogs can experience the emotion of love toward humans, more specifically toward their family. Many dog owners feel that they can feel love while scientists have always said that they cannot – until now.

It has always been the consensus of scientists that what humans thought was love was actually performances for food, water, and security. That they would do anything for attention but the goal was reward. Hmm, is this indifferent than the activities of most men?

A new study, however, shows that a dog’s brain waves react similar to a human when his owner appears. Scientists at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, trained the dogs to stay still to get a decent MRI scan of their brain activity.

What Gregory Berns, neuroscientist at Emory, proved was what pet owners knew all along – yes, they do feel love.

Their next project is to scan the brain waves of the dogs receiving treats from a stranger juxtaposed to machines giving the treat. According to the old beliefs, the patterns should be the same. If they are different from the waves when family gives them a treat, it will once again prove that dogs have feelings specifically for their family and not just for the food.

Doggie Love Sucks Sometimes

I just don’t know what is wrong with my dog. He just hasn’t been himself lately! I served him his usual three extra-large T-bone steaks and he was barely able to polish off one of them!

So I approached him cautiously, ready to rush him off to the vet. I said, “Why gives pal? Why so glum?”
He broke down on me. Wow, I was embarrassed for him! Big doggie tears began shooting from his eyes and he howled loudly.
“Hey, calm down!” I said, “It can’t be that bad. Tell me all about it!”
He was finally able to contain himself and said, “I miss my bosom buddy, Penelope the Pooch.” He sighed loudly and pulled my hanky from my pocket, blew his nose and then put it back.

“She was something special and now, she’s just gone! I think maybe the dog catcher got her, you know with the new stop and frisk laws and all. No one knew how to scratch my itch quite like she did if you know what I mean…”
I nodded knowingly. “Gee, that’s tough pal. Dames are hard to get over sometimes.”
“Yeah, we were like salt-n-pepper, peas-n-carrots, mashed potatoes-n-gravy, steak-n-Worcestershire sauce, Smith-n- Wesson, Richard Simmons-n-Exercise, Bonnie-n-Clyde, Captain Kirk and Spock, Laverne and Shirley. Well, maybe not those last two. LOL! Anyhow, you get my drift. It is a much lonelier world for me now.”

Well, I didn’t know what to do. I finally managed to cheer him up enough to eat his last two T-bones. Geez, doggie love sure does suck sometimes. And I thought we humans had it rough!

Puppy Love is Rough Sometimes!

I feel sorry for my dog, Romeo. He is quite the ladies’…dog! But, sometimes, he gets in over his head. He is just too irresistible to the females for his own good. I was peeking around the corner as I watched him try to break it off gently with his latest flame…
Romeo: Daisy?
Daisy: Yes, my dearest?
Romeo: There is something we need to talk about. It is kind of….well, it’s important.
Daisy: Oh, what’s got my pookie pooh so upset? You know you can tell me ANYTHING!! I am all ears! Go ahead my love…
Romeo: Daisy, I don’t think (swallows hard) we should see each other anymore.
Daisy: BAHAHAHA!! Oh, is that all? Don’t be silly! Of course we are going to see each other! How ever could we go out on dates, parties, and out to eat without seeing each other? Do you want me to keep my eyes closed?!?!?? (Breaks out in uproarious laughter).
Romeo: I think you are missing the point, Daisy. We are not going to be going out on dates or to eat… (Then, trying to be firm but gentle, he looks her straight in the eyes) ever, ever, again! Do you understand??
Daisy: (Silent and thoughtful for a moment and then pats Romeo gently on the back with a gentle kiss on top of the head) Of course dear, I understand it all completely now. You’ve lost your job again. Never fear, I can pay the tab for the both of us. I know you are too proud to ask it of me…You should go to bed now. The stress is really starting to get to you!
(As Daisy is leaving, she calls out over her shoulder) See you tomorrow love!!
Oh boy…I thought we humans had it rough in the love department!!

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