Many parents buy juice boxes because they are convenient and ready-to-go. I am an avid proponent of these little boxes of fruit nectar and I enjoy them daily. I speak of course of the foil pouch type, so they should actually be called ‘juice bags” or something of the like.

There are, however, hidden dangers with these hydration packages and below are a just few:

1 – There is nothing worse than taking a long drive with your faithful dog and when you get thirsty, you grab a juice bag that has no straw. That sucks. Actually, it does not suck, technically.

2 – When this happens; do not invert the bag and squirt it into your pie hole. It actually sprays in a reverse cone shape and covers your entire face quite efficiently – and the dog.

3 – Driving while conterminously attempting to insert a straw into the juice bag can kill you. It is not so much the driving over the cliff that does it; it is more of the impact that gets you.

4 – Boyishly chuckling or sophomorically snickering while the insertion part is in progress is simply perverse, which may lead to chronic juice bag consumption.

5 – Giving one to your dog can produce the most egregious spitball you ever did encounter. The shrapnel of juice bag particles stings like son of a &I#(%.

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