I planned my first real Jell-O fight today. First, I made some red Jell-O, and then I made green Jell-O. I put it in paper cups and we were ready to go!

I will be the play-by-play sportscaster and my dear old dog will be the audience.

I built a little tiny wrestling ring, poured one cup of each color into the ring, and made a “DING DING” sound.

Here is a live reenactment:

Off we go folks! Red approaches Green and, OMG he raked Greens eyeballs while stamping his foot on the mat! This is unprecedented! Green is in agony and is physically displaying it.

Now Green is mad and he charges toward red. WOW! Red received a flying kick to the jaw! Red is down for the coun… Wait! He is up!

He charges back at Green to return the very same flying kick. But wait, Green ducked! Red landed right on the face of the audience! He is covered in Red Jell-O! OMG he ate Red! The horror! The carnage is unbelievable here folks and… Oh no, the audience is eating Green now! The mayhem is too surreal…

“What’s that? Oh, yes dear, I am done playing with the dog. I know, I’ll clean up the Jell-O mess right away, sugar plumb.”

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