There is a miscarriage of justice in regards to non-violent criminals in lockup nowadays. They are illegals with no legal citizenry. Oftentimes they are homeless, runaways, and simply looking for a safer environment. They too should be given the same civil rights as other imprisoned inmate’s receive.

This is America, home of the free, fairness and equality is what this great nation is all about. Why must we treat them differently simply due to the lack of a piece of paper? They deserve basic civil rights, fair treatment, and the needs the we all have – especially the ones jailed under controversial circumstances.

Stand with me for these incarcerated individuals and turn a wrong into a right. In closing; I for one am a strong proponent of conjugal visits, for the dogs that are detained in dog pounds. Come join my cause and God almighty let freedom ring! (fake site)

1-777-dog-mate (fake number)

Name Here (fake author)

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