Something is definitely wrong with my dog! I am perplexed! Lately, he just hasn’t been himself? I didn’t want to make him feel self-conscious but I have been observing him from afar with growing curiosity!

He has taken to playing with balls of yarn. Heck, he even knitted me a sweater! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am appreciative but I think I am allergic to acrylic? Anyway, if that was all it wouldn’t be so bad but…it doesn’t stop there. He’s also been chasing mice, sharpening his claws on the furniture and even walking around and around my leg while purring loudly? I pulled him away only to have him hiss at me loudly!

Okay, that does it! I decided to confront this head on and ask, “What’s up with you lately. You really haven’t been yourself?”
He became defensive and went outside and climbed up a tree! When I finally coaxed him down, he was in tears and finally confessed all…
“I…I am…a cat! I think inside, I’ve always been a cat. Boy, that was really hard but it feels so good to finally be able to be myself! I am free!!”

Wow, I’ve heard to a gender identity crisis before but a species identity crisis? I decided to be supportive and went inside to get him some food. It was the least I could do! I opened up the pantry and pulled out the pet food.
Understanding slowly dawned upon me as I read printing in big bold letters across the package CAT FOOD! Oh boy…

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