I will be the first to admit that I am more accident prone than the average Joe, but lately…my luck has seemed to be amazingly good—but my dog’s behavior has become very peculiar. Let me explain!

First, I found all of my tall work ladders fully extended around my house; at the front door, by the driver’s door to my truck and even one in front of the bathroom entrance! I laughed and exclaimed to Lucky my dog, “Come on boy, help me put these ladders away! You know walking under ladders is bad luck!” He had a strange look on his face, like someone had just taken his favorite bone away!

Then—things got even stranger! It seemed every black cat within a 100 mile radius was in my yard. No matter where I walked, he was chasing a black cat in front of me!! With all that, I figured I’d have a slip, trip or fall—something! But, nope! Amazingly, nothing happened! That night before I went to bed, I could have sworn I heard Lucky cursing under his breath?

Finally, the next day, it all started to make sense.I was digging a new septic line outside and accidentally dug up what must have been Lucky’s secret bone stash! I started to cover it back up so he wouldn’t know I had disturbed it—but I saw a white envelope sticking out from below the bone pile.

I opened it up and at the top was my name. Underneath that, it said “Life insurance policy for $5 million payable to the beneficiary upon accidental death to…Lucky the Dog!!” OMG! That traitor!

So, from now on, I will be watching my back! Apparently, I am worth more dead than alive. I guess having a dog named “Lucky” isn’t so lucky after all…at least not for me!!

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