I had raised my dog from puppy to full-grown dog and the time for a difficult decision was cast upon me. I had to decide whether I should have my dog neutered or not. After much internal deliberation, I decided that he was about to experience an egregious mood swing.

I felt badly for him insofar as I had tricked him. I used the old, “Wanna go for a ride” ploy and the deed was soon done. I couldn’t sleep well that night and I had quite the nightmare. I dreamt that dogs had taken over the world and I was now a pet, and my dog was the master.

It started off where I was in the back of a car and we were cruising through the country side. The radio was blaring, “Who let the dogs out” and my dog was singing along. I said, “where are we going?” He said, “I asked you, and you agreed that we would go for a ride, LOL LOL!”

Well, an hour later my ‘personality’ was missing. I thought to myself, “If this lasts for more than four hours… ahh, I lost my train of thought…

Whatever, I really don’t seem to care about anything anymore. All I know is that I have one heck of a boo boo!”

Then I woke up and there was a Viagra commercial on TV. How ironic indeed. Well, after a self-examination, I was quite relieved that it was all just a dream. I immediately called the vet and told them that my dog will not fall victim to their skullduggery butchering!

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