Hindsight: When pertaining to cough medicine, “cap full”, and “cup full”, read similarly to aging eyes, but are scandalously dissimilar. I had soon succumbed to a marvelous impulse to operate a motor vehicle.

I was driving down rt. 495 with my dear old dog and an older feller drove up beside me on my left at about 70 mph. He looked over at me as I was singing Barry Manilow’s “Weekend in New England” at the top of my lungs:

When will our eyes meet

When can I touch you

When will this strong yearning end

And when, will I hold yooooou …, again…”

So I looked toward him and started singing it to him, passionately, as if I was on American Idol. I wore an insatiably smiled grimace, my head was slowly rocking back and forth, and my eyebrows were raised.

He turned away and sped up – and so did I. He peeked over again and I was still going, serenading him now, with one arm reaching toward him out my window. At this point, my dog put on his seat belt while mumbling some unmentionable opinionated comments.

The guy then punched it up to about 80 mph, and I too sped it up. He looked frightened as I experienced restrained jubilation while trying not to laugh… Then, just when I thought of letting him off the hook, I got pulled over by a cop.

Well, I explained to the cop that it was Barry Manilow that had whisked my emotions up in his arms with his sultry voice and I became uncontrollably romantic. I went on and explained exactly what I had done. He looked at me a few seconds, turned his head, and then busted out laughing.

Later the bail bondsman said, “You do know, the officer said that if were anyone else besides Barry Manilow, he would’ve let you go.”


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