Heroic K-9 Calls 911

A Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, U.S. Marine Terry McGlade, suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and experiences seizures. He was hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan where he sustained injuries.

His Labrador-Pitbull managed to call 911 when his master succumbed to a seizure. The dog’s name is “Major” and he was trained to sense when a seizure is coming and to help when needed – and what to do in emergency situations.

Major managed to get the cell phone out of Terry’s pocket and dialed 911. The phone was set up so that if a finger, or a paw, was pressed to the screen for a few seconds, it would call 911 automatically.

The dog sprang out to the street curb and waited for the ambulance to arrive. When they did, Major led them to their awaiting patient.

Mr. McGlade spent the night in the hospital and he was released to his home the next day. Things may have been quite different if not for his dog’s chivalrous actions.

The only loss was that particular cell phone. McGlade said the teeth marks on the phone’s screen rendered it useless – but he is fine with that.

Heroic Dog Saves A Baby

Massachusetts woman, Amy Cummings, had just finished tending to her tomato garden and was returning her tools of the trade to the shed. Baby Gio (Giovani) was following mom as usual. The 16-month-old, however, strayed away from his mother this day.
When mom realized that her little boy was missing, panic set in. After a few seconds of scanning the property, she ran to the pool. What she saw was every parent’s nightmare – the child was lying face up in the water.
She snatched the child into her arms and noticed that their black Labrador retriever, Apollo, had been balancing the child on his back as to keep Gio above water. Mrs. Cumming said that the dog did not move, did not bark, and didn’t even move his head until the rescue was complete.
The toddler was unresponsive and had blue lips. With no time to find her cell phone, she raced to a neighborhood fire station. By the time she got there, her baby boy had coughed and started to cry. The same cry that she had heard thousands of times before was now sweet music to her ears.
Gio received a clean bill of health and the family heralds the dog as a hero. It is reported, but not confirmed, that Apollo said that he was just doing his job and he does not feel that he is a hero. He is no longer shooed off the living room couch at the Cummings place.

Handicap Dog Saves Lives

On a cold wintry New England Day, a wayward dog was picked up by a local rescue shelter organization. He was a three-year-old Golden Labrador retriever and they named him Herky – short for Hercules. Herky had many physically debilitating conditions and would need much attention and care whosoever adopted him.

He had chronic arthritis in his back and walking was a struggle. He was also suffering from an aggressive cancer that was diagnosed as terminal. Mobility, or even standing, was a daunting task to say the least.

A man named Mr. Adrian Thomas, and his eight-year-old son Pete, wanted a dog for their home. Mr. Thomas lived with his son and was a single dad. The two saw the dog at the shelter and both felt that they had to take that dog home with them.

One particular evening in the wee hours, the dog was upstairs at the foot of the child’s bed. He was vociferously barking up a storm and woke the child. This was odd insofar as they had never heard him bark before, and he had never been able to negotiate the stairs. After the child awoke, Herky moved on to Mr. Thomas’s bed and repeated the incessant barking.

They soon realized that the kitchen was on fire. Mr. Thomas shuffled his son out of the home and then carried Herky to safety. The dog had saved their lives and to this day, no one can figure out how Herky could have scaled those stairs.

Faithful Dog Saves Family

In a small Massachusetts home, a family pet saved his family from certain disaster. The dog’s name is G.G. – short for Good Grief. That was the owner’s first words when he saw this dog as puppy.
G.G. is a German Sheppard and the O’Connor’s have had her for 15 years. Usually a mellow dog, especially in her old age, G.G. started barking in the middle of the night. Mr. O’Connor got up to see what the ruckus was.
The dog kept pushing into his legs and she was vigorously trying to send a message. G.G. pushed her master toward the basement door. Mr. O’Connor decided to open the door and take a look. He swung the door open and the strong odor of natural gas was evident.
“It was like a wall of gas punched me in the face,” said O’Connor. Dad opened a few windows and got his family out of the house safely. This was done in the dark because even a light switch connecting could have ignited an explosion.
They later found out that the water heater’s gas line had rusted through and developed a leak. G.G. was awarded with some very soft dog treats. Her days of chewing bones have long passed and the few teeth she has left just could not do the job.

German Shepherd Saves Teen’s Life

18-year-old Tim Sweeney of Cranston, RI, was acting his age by driving too fast on a wintry day. When he approached a corner that had iced up overnight, he slid off the road and down a hill. The car rolled twice and Tim was pinned inside his car.

He managed to get his seatbelt off but he had no use of his legs. He also suffered head injuries and he was fading in and out of consciousness. He couldn’t locate his cell phone and he feared that this might be the end for him.

He faded out again, but he was soon awakened but an incessant tugging. He realized that a large German shepherd had a hold of his jacket and pulled him out of the vehicle. The dog managed to drag Tim to the edge of the suburban road and someone stopped to help.

He was rushed to the hospital and the dog officer was called out to get the dog. Tim had experienced a “stinger” – temporary nerve inflammation in the neck – and regained the use of his legs just hours later. He was released two days later and the first thing he wanted to do was to find that stray dog and take him home.

Sadly for Tim, and happily for the formerly homeless dog, word of the hero K-9 had gotten around and he was adopted 24 hours after he was incarcerated at the pound. Tim was glad that the dog had a home now, and only time would tell if Tim learned his lesson.

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