Dog 1- “Psst buddy, what are you in for?”

Dog-2 “Peeing in the house, how about you?”

Dog-1 “I got caught drinking out of the “bowl” again. Then I fell for the old; “wanna go for a ride” trick – ride my @$$!”

Dog-2 ” Oh I hate when they do that! This is kind of personal but ahh, well, do you ever get the urge… to chase your own tail?”

Dog-1 “OMG! How could you not? I can’t stop… You uhh, have you ever caught yours?”

Dog- 2 “No, but I swear I came close once though!”

Dog- 1 “While we’re opening up, why the heck do we hate cats so much?”

Dog- 2 “Poignant question #1, I wonder? Wait a minute, I’ve got it! It’s because they get to sleep in a bed, sleep all day and they never have to do anything, and – this is the kicker – they get their own private bathrooms!”

Dog- 1 “Sons of Beeotches!”

Dog-2 “Hey, when we get out of here, let’s scare the ever living crud out of every one of them scardy cats!”

Dog- 1 “Yes, let’s rub pine tar all over them and stroke their fur in the wrong direction! LOL LOL!”

Dog- 2 “RUFF! I mean, YES! Yee haaw!”

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