I have not yet recovered from the monumental event I had witnessed this morning. A more imponderable sight I could not fathom. I was driving around with my BFF dog Henry looking for some good eats for breakfast.

A seemingly bourgeoisie chap was in line just ahead of me in the McDonald’s drive through line. I overheard the woman on the speaker say to him, “What would you like today?”

He responded, “Well, I can’t possibly get that here, but I am hungry.”

There was a pause as the 14-year-old was probably befuddled. Then it happened; I didn’t think it was possible, who would? A concept that was so far outside the box it was unthinkable. What he said next made my jaw drop and I slowly collapsed back deeply into my seat.

This angelic man could pass as a vagabond but he uttered the most profound and clairvoyant sentence my ear balls have ever heard. He stated it with a perfunctory manner yet his words would make Albert Einstein stop and ponder.

The magical words were, “I’ll have an Egg McMuffin with sausage (and this is where I was mentally staggered), and ham, and bacon.”

Did you get that? THREE MEATS! On one sandwich! OMG I could not speak. I sat there stunned and amazed as I watched him drive off. Henry’s ears were standing straight up – I had never seen this before.

The speaker girl was saying, “Sir… sir… can I help you?”

I finally mustered up, “I’ll have what that great man had.”

So today, I salute you, Mr. Three Meats on a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Guy.

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