No matter how strong or famous I got, nothing is as humbling as cleaning up after your dog.

Me fighting Andre the Giant was like a St. Bernard fighting…a smaller St. Bernard. I’m big too damnit.

Best in dog Show is about as much a sport competition as professional wrestling is.

I find it offensive that there’s a dog called a Boxer but not one called a wrestler.

If it looks like a dog, and it walks like a dog, and it smells like a dog, it’s the Macho Man Randy Savage.

Nowadays a Cage Match is me trying to get my dog to get in his carrier so we can get on the plane.

I am a real American! But my dog is German.

Next weekend I am bringing my Chow, I am bringing my Schnoodel, I’m bringing my lab, and it’s gonna be the cutest ever Monday Night Awww.

In the divorce my wife got the house and the dog. Joke’s on her, so is the mortgage.

Sadly we had to put my dog down because he had…terminal…HULKAMANIA! No I’m kidding he’s fine. He actually likes Brooke my daughter more than me.

This Sunday, 2:00PM, you know where I’m gonna be. And you better be ready. – That’s me on the phone making my dog’s vet appointment.

I call my arms pythons, cuz they’re so big. And I call my feet dogs, cuz they howl from having to support so much weight.

I made the NWO colors black and white so that my dog didn’t miss out on anything.

There’s no dog with better whiskers than mine.

I got to pick the name Hulk even though it’s not by birth name, so it’s only fair after I name my dog he gets to pick his own too.

I saw a pet store sign say Puppymania, and feel like they owe me money for the ‘mania’ part. I invented that.

I got the idea to rip my shirt off in the ring from my dog, who’d always rip his shirt off when we dressed him.

We nicknamed my dog “Speedy” as a joke because he’s so slow. Kind of the way people nicknamed me “Hollywood.”

I don’t look at it as “getting angry and punching holes through walls”, I look at it as “making surprise doggy doors.”

My kids play so hard with the dog that sometimes I want to tag him out.

I did for wrestling what Lassie did for dogs in cinema.

I’ll tell you what the Rock cooks. It’s dog food. That’s why you can always smell it.

I like to say to my dog, Hey brother, get ready for a tummy rubdown!

I can’t wear boas anymore because my dogs want to tear them apart worse than the press did.

Wrestlers get treated a lot like dogs, honestly who else has bandanas with their own names printed on them?

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