For all the Dog Lovers I am thinking about changing the lyrics to my song “In The Ghetto” to something like this… “If there’s another thing she don’t need, it’s another hungry pup to feed, in the shelter”

My dog used to see me in sparkly sequined white suits and thought to himself “If that’s what he wears what’s he going to dress me in”

I am the King of Rock and Roll, my dog is the King of Drop and Roll.

I wrote Jailhouse Rock about my time in jail, and Doghouse Rock about my time on the couch.

I didn’t really sing, but more so talked through my famous song “Are you lonesome tonight?” Kind of like how dogs don’t really “talk” on command so much as they bark.

WhenI met his first wife, Priscilla, she was just 14. That’s acceptable in dog years but on the young side for people.

“Thank you verrr much” was my way of saying “good dog” to the crowds.

I was in movies around the same time Old Yeller was, and was about as good an actor.

You ain’t nothing but a hound dog, but that’s totally enough, why would I expect a dog to be more than a dog?

I’m happy Elvis is a popular name, but sad that it’s most popular for people’s dogs.

Graceland is the name of Elvis’s mansion. Petland is the name of a dog’s mansion

I wore high collars because he believed his neck looked too long. His dog wore a cone for the same reason.

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