Welcome To WACKY WOOF!! I am your Host The WooFDriver, A DOG Lover and Adventurer. I do all kinds of creative activities with my Dogs I call the WooFPAK (4 Huskies). I have pioneered alot of these Activities and Adventures to appeal to thier instinct to engage them and satisfy thier HIGH Energy Drive. I want to spend as much time with them as I can so I’ve learned to endure conditions they are most comfortable in as I so enjoy thier hapiness; it’s my purpose!! As you can only imagine we’ve had so much FUN and I LOVE to laugh and take life on an easier note, so I wanted to share this FUN and hopefully get others to smile and laugh. You don’t need any knowledge about Huskies to enjoy the humor, stories, funny music, and other fun stuff. Please bounce around the differnt media here and enjoy! To find out more about what this is all about, please click on the menu items at the top of this page.


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WOOFMon-Logo-250PXThis is also home to the soon to be World Famous “WooFMon” A very animated, creative, and most definitely WILD MON from Jamaica!! Some of his performances are a bit “spicy” so please listen with a bit of caution BUT you will so enjoy the FUN!! He will have you saying “Jamaican ME WOOF!!” Please Click the “WooFMan” Emblem for his song Page.

Pump’em UP & Let’em RUFF RUFF – Check Out The WFC Moves – Click HerePump’em UP & Let’em RUFF RUFF – Check Out The WFC Videos – Click Here


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